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September 19, 2017

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Skip grew up in Norfolk, VA. His dad was a Navy man, but the family didn’t move around the country like so many military families. A true child of the 60’s , Skip was up for the draft in it’s final year when he joined the Air Force. That, following basic training, sent him to Malmstrom AFB and provided his first contact with Montana.

After the military, Skip went back to Virginia, attending Old Dominion University and studying communications. A trip back to Montana in 1974 cemented his love for the west and provided an incentive to study broadcasting at Brown Institute in Minneapolis.

In early 1976 he gained his first broadcasting job in Miles City at KATL and remained there until 1979. A trip back to Great Falls opened an opportunity at KMON, back in the days when they were still broadcasting from Holiday Village Mall. A decade at KEIN radio followed that and then it was back to KMON for duties that involved everything from the overnight shift to trivia in the evenings, and now morning show host and newsperson.

After 40 years in Montana radio, he’s done everything from play by play of the state bowling tournament to live broadcasts from billboards, more high school basketball games than he can count and DJ’d more weddings than The Wedding Singer.

David Lee – Sunday

David is a Montana native who moved to Great Falls as a kid in 2000. He started in radio in high school with a shift on KVVR/97.9 The River. Later, he started doing shifts on KMON-AM as well.

After graduating from Great Falls High, David attended and graduated from MSU – Great Falls (now Great Falls College – MSU) with an Associate’s Degree in IT, and then went on to Montana Tech in Butte for his Bachelor’s.

Returning to Great Falls after graduating from Montana Tech, David found his way back to the Great Falls air waves, picking not only up his old air shifts, but also some behind-the-scenes duties as well.

When he’s not on the air, David is involved with musical groups in the area, playing sax in the UGF Community Band from September to May, the Great Falls Municipal Band in the summer, and the Winds of Montana all-state band.

‘Baker’ Bob MacNamee6-9pm. Bob does the overnight show, including the ‘buffet’ each night.  He’s adept at sports, calling play-by-ply of football, basketball and other sports. He will, on occasion, make personal appearances for special KMON events, and he’s just an all around good guy.

Nick Northern – 1-5pm

Nick Northern has been a staple on KMON in one way or another since 2001.  Starting with Nights, then Mornings, he can now be heard in the afternoon from 1-5p


While always being in love with music, Nick decided he was going to be a DJ when his 8th grade teacher told him he needed math to succeed in life.  She showed him a chart of professions and what math was needed for them.  Radio DJ had the least, and he’s never looked back.  She got fired the next year, and he’s still doing radio, so looks like he made the right choice!


Nick grew up in South Dakota, and came to Montana after attending broadcasting school in Minnesota.  After 16 years in the Electric City, he’s proud to call Montana home.

While not on the air you’ll find him cheering on his favorite sports teams, the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, and most importantly the GRIZ!!  Nick is a new daddy to a beautiful baby girl named Norah, and you can find the two of them along with his wife, Kristin, spending time at the park with their German Shepherd, Einstein.

Rick Haines

Rick Haines, an ag broadcaster is passionate about agriculture and rural America. It’s a passion he shares everywhere he goes, from coffee shops to conventions.

Growing up on a farm and ranch near Miles City, Mont., and working in coal and bentonite mines, Haines’ path has always been driven by natural resources.

In 1987, he began his career in ag broadcasting, hiring on with Northern Ag Network out of Billings, Mont. His belief then and now is that agriculture and rural America need to know what they’re facing and how to remain viable, be that news or market information.

His career took him from Montana to Idaho, where he bought the Western end of Northern Ag Network, retooled the programming and renamed it Independent Ag Network.

But his mission goes beyond his broadcasts. Haines is a tireless speaker, bringing his message of the importance of rural America to farmers, ranchers, miners, loggers, youth, business groups, political groups and community leaders. Over the years, he’s spoken in 13 states.

“I love the compassion and passion of rural America. Everybody gives up something to live here, usually it’s dollars. But the benefits far outweigh what you give up,” Haines said.

In addition to the hard news, Haines looks for the good news about agriculture and rural America and passes that along to his audiences.


Catch Rick every weekday with his daily Ag News, Commodity News, and Market Reports on KMON AM.

Haines At The Reins every Saturday morning at 8.

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