Why is it that Montanans dislike Californians?  In reading several sites about this very topic the main reason seems to be that Californians are driving up the price of places to live in Montana.    Lets face it,  Montana is so much better than California in so many ways.  Below is my top 10 sarcastic list of why Californians should stay the hell out of Montana.


10.   We ran out of housing because you purchased everything. There are only a couple houses left to buy.  They are shown below.

houses to buy
Philip Openshaw

The last two houses left to buy in Montana....lol

derelict houses and abandoned commercial property on a residential street with boarded up windows and decaying crumbling walls

9.     Agriculture (farming)  is our number one business at over $4,000,000,000 annually.  We do it better than anybody and we don't need Californians to come in and tell us we need to plant more flowers and fig trees.

Tractor ready to disc a field


Tractor working on the farm, modern agricultural transport, farmer working in the field, tractor on a sunset background, cultivation of land, agricultural machine

8.     Californians will not like our traffic.  It is brutal.  Hell, it can take you about ten minutes to drive from one side of Great Falls to the other.  Your electric car will have to recharge halfway through the trip.

7.     Our population is out of control at just over 1,000,000 people.  In California that would be one household.  Now that's funny!

6.     Montana is a state where people don't like to be told what to do.  That would not work for you Californians because you like being told what to do. The California Government is telling you what to do on a daily basis.  I know Governor Newsom likes to come here.  Tell him to stay the hell out.

5.     Our unemployment rate is lower than in California.  We don't need Californians coming here and sucking off the government like you do in California.

4.    We have too much open space.  You Californians would not know what to do with all of that space. Afterall you have 40,000,000 people living in your smog state.  Below is a sample of how lousy Montana's open spaces look.

Open space in Montana
Randy Bogden

Northwest of Choteau

Montana open space

3.    Californians think our national parks are national petting zoos.  Californians think they can walk up and pet the wild animals.

Bison faceoff
Photo by Rob Goodelland ABC News

Bison standoff with tourist at Yellowstone

Bison gets ready to launch on tourist that doesn't know better.

2.    Our winters are nasty and not for a beach going, cafe latte Californian.

1.  And the number one reason Californians should not move to Montana is simple.  We have wild animals that won't hesitate to eat you if they get the chance.  Wolves and Grizzlies tell me Californians taste like chicken.  Their favorite food.  First picture below is of wolves.  They are not Husky dogs.  The bear picture is the ruler of the wild in Montana, Meet the grizzly.

Wolves looking for Calfornians

Wild Wolves

Two Running Grey Wolves On Fresh Snow.
Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear


Obviously this is a sarcastic list but us Montanans sure like to poke fun at Californians.  We welcome you to come visit our state, just don't stay long.....lol


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