2K’s Café, a family owned and run business at 406 3rd Ave. South, Great Falls announced on its face book page it is closing the restaurant effective at the end of September:

  • “2k's customers, I am sorry to tell you this but we will be closing our doors for good at the end of September. We have been extremely lucky to have loyal customers like you guys! We have appreciated all your business over the years and know you will be greatly missed.”

Say it isn’t so!!  2K’s has built a reputation for quality home cooked food always served with a smile and a kind word.  Portion control was never considered when filling a plate as there was always more than enough to fill up on and usually enough to take home for a late snack later in the day.

My favorite (like many other people) was the HUUUGGGEEE Cheeseburgers that hung over the edge of the bun.  I also enjoyed a sausage and cheese omelet on many occasions.  Their lunch specials were hard to pass up and of course their homemade pies and cinnamon rolls…….sorry, I need to stop as now I am getting sad.  Best of luck to Karla and the entire crew at 2K’s.  You will be missed.

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