Cascade County Commissionaire Don Ryan visited with Pat & Randy on KMON Morning Show Wednesday morning.  Several topics are discussed on the first Wednesday every month at 7:50 am with Cascade County Commissionaires.

This month Commissionaire Ryan talked about a story that was broke Tuesday night on 560 KMON, in relation to Frontier Basketball.

“Well, in February, Great Falls is going to host for the first time in many years a Frontier Conference basketball tournament for men and women. It'll be on a single site and that will bring Frontier basketball, college basketball, to Great Falls and all of the fans. And the frontier has a lot of Montana kids playing in it. Coaches from Montana, Jeff Graham, Montana Tech and you got the Paulson boy who grew up here in Great Falls, is coaching at Carrol. And we bring those people back into town. And I know that Susan's (Susan Shannon- MT ExpoPark Executive Director) been working on this very hard and it's one of those things that people understand. You can't say anything about it until you get the job done. And thankfully it was announced yesterday through the college. Thanks, Doug Hashley (University of Providence Athletic Director) Jim Sargent (University of Providence Assistant Athletic Director.)”

The entire interview can be heard here:

Don Ryan is up for re-election this November for a seat on the Cascade County Commission.

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