That could be the whole article, nope, I don't care that my kid’s latest obsession is Bluey.

There are far worse shows or things my kids could be obsessed with, like Calliou.  Ask any parents if they'd rather have their kids (and themselves by osmosis) watch Bluey or Calliou and wager almost everyone would say Bluey.

The hate for Calliou online is crazy, and I agree, I hated that show.  People actually celebrated when it was taken off the air in America.

Bluey on the other hand is the currently darling of children's programming.

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That is not to say that there aren't criticisms people have with the show.  One is that it seems very "Pro-Dad" in that most of the episodes revolve around the father playing games with the kids while mother is off to work.  Even my wife pointed this out, but she also countered this by saying that perhaps it's good showing dads playing with his kids.  I also think the fact his two kids are girls, that's a positive thing to show in media.  That it's OK to be a "girl-dad"

The other criticisms is how their parents are almost too perfect, and entertain every flight of fancy and game the two children come up with.  Much like social media can make us feel we aren't out experience life to its fullest when we look at influencers, Bandit and Chilli can make us feel like we, as parents, aren't doing enough with our children.

Even the creator, Joe Brumm, has stated he doesn't know what to do about that saying "You don’t have to play with your kids that much."

And he's right, we don't have to play that much, we have to just play with them.  Occasionally, get down on their level and play on the ground with them.  Let them make up the rules and let them tell us how the game is to be played instead of us correcting them or telling them how to play it right.

Two episodes in the series seem to tackle this.  "Octopus" and "Chest".

"Octopus" shows Bluey having a friend over and super dad, Bandit, playing a game with them called "Octopus" in which they must escape and octopus trying to catch them.  When the friend asks her dad to play, he won't play it the same way, and this leads to frustration for both child and parent.  Together they come up with a new way to play the same game, one in which seems to improve the game from the way Bandit plays it.

"Chest" revolves around Bandit trying to teach his kids how to play chess which the kids call chest. He does this because he wants his kids to be smart. His frustrations grow with them not playing the game "the right way".

At the end the kids have lost interest in playing the game in any way shape or form that resembles chess, but the line from the mother, Chilli, is why I think Bluey is a good show, not just for kids, but sometimes for the parents as well.

"Work on the heads later, for now, just hearts."

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