Adding to an already incredibly busy Fourth of July, Great Falls Fire Rescue responded to an active fire at the Grizzly Inn located at 1214 13th St. S.

GFFR Arrival and Initial Findings

According to Great Falls, fire rescue engine one and battalion one got to the scene at 6:12 PM and found the hotel's occupants evacuating and smoke coming from room number 130.

Fire crews immediately assessed the situation and approached the smoke.

Fire Containment Efforts

By 6:19, the fire Kruse had discovered a mattress moldering in room number 130.

The firefighters had to force their way into the room and were able to extinguish the mattress fire and a few other small fires.

Great Falls Rescue Crews were able to contain the fire quickly, preventing further damage.

Impact on the Hotel

According to the report, the first-floor hallway did have some minor smoke damage, but all the other rooms in the hotel were unaffected and remained occupied.

Thanks to the quick response, the hotel's overall impact was minimized.

Arrest and Medical Response

The person occupying room 130 was arrested by the Great Falls Police Department and charged with intentionally setting the fire.

Another hotel occupant was transported to the hospital due to smoke inhalation.

According to the report, no other medical conditions were reported among the occupants.

Great Falls Fire Call Breakdown for July 4th, 2024

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Calls: Great Falls Fire Rescue responded to 17 EMS calls, including one transport by GFFR personnel.
  • Fires:
    • 6 Dumpster Fires
    • 2 Car Fires
    • 2 Grass Fires
    • 1 Arson Fire
    • 1 Fire caused by the City fireworks display
  • Other Calls:
    • 2 Lift Assists
    • 1 Disturbance
    • 1 Welfare Check

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