Are you gearing up for some fun stuff this summer? Maybe just having to wait it out until this unusually rainy June finally lets up?

Maybe you'll be spending the summer hanging out by the river. Maybe you'll be checking out some of Missoula's many hiking trails, or touring all of our breweries and restaurants. Maybe you'll do a road trip to Glacier or Yellowstone, or hang out on Flathead Lake.

The point is, I can think of like 10 fun things to do in Montana just off the top of my head - so why couldn't we rank any higher on this list?

A New Study Ranked the Most Fun States in the Entire Country

WalletHub put together this study that ranked every state in the country from Most Fun to Least Fun, presumably while singing "The Fun Song" from Spongebob.

26 different categories were factored into the study, including ones like "Movie Theaters per capita," "Access to National Parks," and "Variety of Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Establishments." And when all the numbers were crunched, Montana came in at number... 30?!

I don't know, guys, maybe it's time to redo the math on this one. I can see us not making the top 10, but all the way down at 30 seems a bit low.

Your top 5 consisted of California at number 1, followed by Florida, Nevada, New York, and Illinois. But at least we can take some solace that we're not in West Virginia, which bears the official title of "Least Fun Place to Live in the Country." Somehow, I don't think that slogan is going to make it onto any West Virginia merch.

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