From Montana Farms To Your Table With This New App

Remember back when smart phones were just getting started and you would hear "there's an app for that" in advertisements?

Well, these days, it seems you can't even order a burger without being asked if you're using an app to do so.

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A chalkboard with the words "there's an app for that" written on it

This App Is Like A Digital Farmers Market

While we might have a bit of app fatigue, I think this is truly an app worth downloading as it benefits both farmers and ranchers, along with the customers.

The app is called "Farmish," and with the cost of produce and meat in stores these days, this is a great way to get some fresh local items.

Farmish founder, Terra Osman, says the app is a bit like Craiglist for farmers and ranchers, as they make their listing and then connect with potential buyers.

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A farmer holds up his bounty of crops

The App Will Hopefully Be Expanding Soon

I love going to the farmers market and helping out our neighbors by buying local, homegrown produce and other products, but the ability to do it year-round and from the comfort of my couch sounds awesome.

As of the publication of this article, there are only three farmers and ranchers selling in Montana.

Hopefully, with more time and with more people in Montana finding out about the app, it will grow into something amazing.

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