Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite season in Montana.

You've got the weather cooling down just a bit to where you can still wear shorts, but when the night chill comes a simple hoodie will keep you warm.

More than that though, the colors that come only during fall in Montana just cannot be beat.

Fall colors in East Gallatin Park in Bozeman MT
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Where To Go To See The Best Fall Colors In Montana?

If you love to travel and looking at the changing colors of the leaves, then you're going to want to check out what the website Travel Plus says is the absolute best place to visit during the fall in Montana.

You aren't going to want to wait very long though, since according to the Smoky Mountains Fall Foilage Prediction Map, the first part of October is the best time to see experience the vibrant fall colors in Montana.

Plus we all know that winter can come at any moment and cut fall short by blanketing the state in a sheet of white.

Snowy winter forest with a cartoon snowman

Montana Lodge Offers Great Fall Color Peeping

So, if you are wanting to get outdoors and experience the beauty and awe that is Montana in the fall where do you need to go?

Well, according to Travel Pulse it's The Pine Lodge On Whitefish River.

The Pine Lodge On Whitefish River

Here's why they suggest this place as one of the best to take in fall colors, not just in Montana, but America as well.

In this virgin forests, nature unveils its most remarkable and awe-inspiring autumn displays. And, on weekends from late September through early October, visitors can embrace spirit of the harvest season with German-inspired festivities during the Great Northwest Oktoberfest in Whitefish.

Whitefish is just one of the neatest towns in Montana, it is however also one of the most expensive as you'll see in the gallery below. 👇

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