How To Keep Montana Mosquitoes Away Naturally

When I was a six-year-old kid, I said to my mother, "Why didn't Noah just swat those two mosquitoes on the ark?"

I'm sure I wasn't the first person to think it, and some four decades later, I'm still thinking the same thing.

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a dead mosquito remains on an arm after being slapped

Smells And Colors That Repel Montana Mosquitoes

I can't think of anything that ruins a wonderful summer evening in Montana more than a swarm of mosquitoes.

If you don't feel like you want to use chemicals found in popular mosquito sprays, then there are steps you can take to reduce bites this summer.

From the clothes you wear to the plants in your garden or the scents you're about to read about, all can keep your summer itch-free.

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A man in a suit holding his hand to a mosquito as if to say "keep away"

Mosquitoes Are The World's Most Deadly Creature

Maybe you're thinking "who cares" when it comes to mosquito bites.

While I won't deny that most of the time the worst thing that will happen if you get bitten is that you'll get a welt and be itchy for a few days, there is good reason to minimize your contact with mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are responsible for nearly 1 million deaths a year, compared to snakes which come in second with only 100,000.

So don't risk it this summer, and take all the precautions you can to keep you and your family safe and healthy this summer.

The 8 Smells Montana Mosquitoes Hate The Most

Mosquito season is here and if you want to avoid Montana's most annoying pest, try wearing these 8 scents, which you can find just about anywhere.

Most of these can be found at your local grocery store.

Why do mosquitoes hate these scents so much? Most of them mess with the mosquito's sensory gland in its nose, which helps drive the pest off.

Story Source: Pest Pointers Website

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

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