What Montana Town's Population Is Shrinking?

It took over 100 years, but Montana finally went over 1 million in population in the 2020 census, much to the chagrin of most residents.

That said, there is one Montana town that has seen it's population drop significantly since the last census.

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Montana's Growing Population.

Since the pandemic in 2020 Montana has seen an big influx of new residents moving to the Big Sky.

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A line graph showing population growth going up

Montana's Shrinking Population.

While there were plenty of towns in Montana that saw their population increase, one Montana has seen it's population shrink during that same time.

Now this town might not have seen the most people leave just by the total numbers alone, they did have the biggest decrease percentage wise and it's only gotten bigger.

The website Discover Alot put out a list of what towns in each state saw the biggest population loss, and it's only getting worse for this north eastern Montana town.

Downtown Street In Sidney Montana
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Sidney, Montana.

According to Discover Alot

Some 6,331 people called this lovely city's boundaries home in 2020. Only 6,197 people were left to call this magnificent city their home in 2021, just one year later, when 2.1% of the population had departed.


According to the website World Population Review and their most recent projections, Sidney has seen an even bigger drop in population.

They project that their population now stands at 5,938 which means 6.21% decrease since the 2020 census.

That reverses the trend Sidney experienced in the decade prior as from 2010 to 2020 they were the 14th fastest growing city in Montana.

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