Is Montana's Popularity Waning?

For the last few years, especially since Covid struck, Montana has become one of the fastest growing places to live in and visit.

Long time residents have been waiting with baited breath for the popularity craze to subside, and that day might finally be here.

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Montana's economy has for years depended on the money that comes in from tourists, but that does not mean Montana residents have been exactly welcoming to those tourists.

Former Governor Brian Schwitzer was once quoted as saying "Spend your money, then go home," and I think a lot of people would agree with that.

Well, a recent article might just make a few residents happy with Montana's placement on it.

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Montana is one of 18 states called "Unpleasant" to visit

While residents might be happy to hear that Montana has been placed on the website Trends & Tactics list of 18 Unpleasant States You Might Want to Skip on Your Next Trip, the tourism industry of Montana might not be so excited.

So why did Montana get placed on this list?

According to Trends & Tactics,

Honestly, I like what they have said there.

In my opinion their description of Montana will keep out the people who do not appreciate what we have to offer.

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