Montana May No Longer Be A Popular Moving Destination

When it comes to Montana and moving the majority of what we hear is about how many people are moving into the state. For a few years there Montana was the hottest destination for people making a move in America.

Well that bubble may have finally popped as in 2023 a higher percentage of people moved out than moved into the Treasure State.

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The moving company United Van Lines has for the past 47 years has issued a survey asking Americans their migration information.

Each year they compile that information and publish the data letting every see what are the states that the majority of people are moving into or out of.

They also ask those surveyed the reasons behind their move, and when it comes to Montana there are 5 distinct reasons for moving in 2023.

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What Are The Reasons For People Moving Out Of Montana?

According to the United Van Lines survey data for the past two years Montana has had more people leaving than moving in.

In 2022 the inbound percent was at 49.3 to 50.7% for outbound, but in 2023 the outbound percentage jumped up to 53.6% while the inbound dropped to 46.4%

As for who is moving in and out of the state, it appears to be the older generation as the 55-64 and 65+ demographics had the both the highest inbound and outbound totals last year.

So why are people leaving Montana? Check out the top 5 reasons in the gallery below. 👇

5 Revealing Reasons People Say They Moved Away From Montana

In 2023 more people moved out of Montana than moved in, here are the top 5 reasons for why they made a move.

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