What are some of Montana's main tourist attractions?

Most Montana resident don't even blink an eye at traveling up to 4 hours or more just to visit a neighboring city.

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Get Lost In Montana

Tourism is one of Montana's biggest economic industries, as people travel from all over the world to spend time and money in the Treasure State.

When it comes to tourism in Montana, the outdoors and our National Parks dominate the spotlight, but our biggest cities have more to offer than just a hotel room to rest in between stops.

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From Billings, Montana's biggest city, in eastern Montana, to Missoula, a college town located in western Montana, there is something worth stopping for all along the way.

Luckily when you stay in Great Falls, which is one of the 5 biggest cities in Montana, you're located in the center of the state.

From there you can reach the other 4 biggest cities in that 4 hour time frame and see some of their best attractions.

Let's take a look at the top 5 biggest cities in Montana and their main attractions, and why you should add them to your itinerary during your next road trip.

Explore The 5 Biggest Cities In Montana And Their Main Attractions

Montana has more than just the great outdoors to offer visitors. See the 5 biggest cities in Montana along with their main attractions.

Hopefully we've piqued your interest in what is out there for you to explore, but just know there is far more than just what we've listed here.

So pack your bags, put together a playlist for the road, and get out there and see what you can find under the Big Sky.

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