You may have noticed a few stories about "treasure" in Montana on our websites lately. Pat Frisch wrote about it here, and Bejay wrote about it here. But what if I told you there was an even easier way to find some long lost treasure?

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Every year the state of Montana has millions of dollars go unclaimed. Everything from old bank accounts, insurance claims, stocks, bonds, can and does get left behind. It could be that someone died without telling others about those things, or perhaps they even forgot all about them themselves.


Turns out the state of Montana has to hold all that unclaimed property indefinitely. That is just in case a relative years down the road comes looking for all that "treasure." You could find something from an uncle that passed decades ago.

Where do you go to find it?

That would be the TransAction Portal from the official state website. Scroll down to the "unclaimed property" section then click "search for unclaimed cash." From there just simply enter in your information, the information of a family member or even a business that you are wondering about.  If anything tied to that name is unclaimed you'll get a list of results.  You might even find there is more than one. After that you can just follow the onscreen instructions and submit your claim.

Sadly I don't have any lost "treasure" out there, but it is worth it to take a look. It's also a whole lot easier than following a map and digging in the dirt only to find nothing.

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