A New Poll Says Montana Is No Longer a Destination State

Another day, another poll about how the economy is affecting US citizens and causing chaos and havoc.  Only this time, if you are a Montanan, you might jump up and down with relief.  Finally, a poll that we aren't even mentioned in the top 10 of.

However, is this a good thing?  There may be some hard truths that we as citizens are going to have to face, even if they don't make us happy.

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People Are Fleeing, But They Aren't Leaving or Coming to Montana

In a new article from Forbes magazine, they analyzed the top states that people are fleeing from, and even to where those birds are going to land.  Normally, Montana has ranked quite high in the receiving end of those people leaving their respective states.  This new poll sheds a different light on it this time though, and Montana isn't anywhere in the listing.

Canva/JD Graphix
Canva/JD Graphix

Careful, It Is a Fine Line That We Are Trying to Walk

Ok, great.  We aren't going to have a ton of transplants trying to change how we do things around here.  That is awesome.  But it also affects a couple of other things that we might not realize.

attachment-Why Don’t They Come

Remember that specialty restaurant you wanted in town?  Or that new venue to carry more music or attractions?  Yep, it is affected.  Without the tax base to support them, these companies won't even look at some of our cities to expand in.  Populations regulate many of these from state to state.  So, while sure, we won't have to accommodate new transplants, it also means that favorite buffet you want isn't coming any time soon either.

16 of Montana's Wild & Crazy Laws

✔️ FYI: 'Big Sky Country' is big on crazy!
Surprised? So were we. After all, who expects a state with famously conservative politics and traditional values to have such colorful, crazy-@$$ laws?

PS, it bears repeating that Idaho loves Montana! The Gem State's neighbors to the southwest mirror our own penchant for bizarre laws and quirky customs!

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