Leadership Conference in Montana Helping to Preserve Tradition

For a large portion of our population in Montana, agriculture is not only a job, but a passion for individuals.  Plying the trade of rancher or farmer under the Big Sky is a dream for many as well.


Is that lifestyle becoming obsolete?  Are the youth of our state looking at other opportunities instead of continuing a family tradition of ranching and farming on a homestead?

Harder And Harder Each Year, Statistics Are Scary for These

For me, the reality of our youth leaving our farming and ranching communities only takes a quick look at the schools.  If it takes 4 schools to make a basketball, football or volleyball team, well, times aren't looking good. It means less and less families are staying on the homestead and simply leaving.

To help with keeping those kids interested in the field, the Montana Farm Bureau Federation host an annual conference that help up and coming farmers or ranchers better prepare for their future and be able to stay in touch with like-minded individuals.

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Annual Leadership Conference Coming to Billings in February

The Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Conference will be held at the Northern Hotel in Billings, February 9-11, 2024.  Young farmers and ranchers are encouraged to attend all 3 days.

Featuring informative and relevant workshops, tours and the ability to network with other individuals from the industry.  The conference also has invited keynote speakers for each of the three days, including Lance Pekus, the Cowboy Ninja, Bruce Vincent from Vincet Logging and Sarah Calhoun, founder of Red Ants Pants.

MAGIE - The Montana Agriculture And Industrial Exposition

The MAGIE is the Montana Agricultural and Industrial Expo, held each year in Great Falls, MT. Here are 10 great things to catch at the show, plus details on vendors and more!

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