At a recent auction in Reno, Nevada, a Montana hunting license for bighorn sheep sold for an impressive $380,000.

This transaction was part of the Wild Sheep Foundation's convention, where record-breaking fundraising saw a total of $6,432,500 raised in a single night.

Notably, Colorado and New Mexico permits also fetched record amounts, signaling a strong commitment to wildlife management.

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Setting New Records

Thirteen permits were sold during the event, raising $3,710,000 for conservation programs.

The auction's success underscores the effectiveness of leveraging individual contributions to support species management efforts.

It's amazing the number of records that keep getting surpassed each year,” said Gray N. Thornton, president and CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation. “The fact that a handful of individuals stepped up at these levels to put and keep more wild sheep on the mountain for everyone, and one day put more sheep permits into the public draws, is the definition of paying it forward. That’s the backbone of conservation

Funding Wildlife Conservation

Proceeds from permits directly benefit wild sheep management, including translocation efforts, habitat improvements, and health surveillance.

Wildlife agencies depend on this funding, with 74% of all support for wild sheep conservation programs coming from auction or raffle permits.

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Montana's hunting license auction emphasizes the collective effort to preserve iconic species like the bighorn sheep.

Through initiatives like the Wild Sheep Foundation's convention, partnerships between enthusiasts and conservation organizations drive forward the mission of protecting North America's natural heritage.

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