Travelling in Montana in the summer is an adventure, no matter whether it is the interstate system, a winding backcountry 2-lane highway, or the dustiness of a country gravel road.  You may encounter other vehicles giving you a friendly wave, any variety of livestock, or a variety of the wildlife that abound across the state.  There are also the ever-present highway obstacles that occur.

You know.  The dreaded orange cone.

Canva/JD Graphix
Canva/JD Graphix

Yes indeed, it is road construction season still in Montana, and there are new delays that are coming.

More Road Updates to Highway 87 Will Cause Delays Starting on Monday

Heading east from Great Falls on Highway 87, it is the major roadway that connects central Montana with the Little and Big Belt Mountains recreational areas, such as the Memorial Falls and Sluice Boxes.  It is also the major connector for those in the northern half of the state to reach Lewistown and Billings, or even travelling further to the Dakotas or into Wyoming.

A recent update has just been finished at the Armington Junction, with the installation of a roundabout to help with traffic flow, congestion and accidents at the intersection.

They aren't finished yet though, and new construction will begin starting next week.

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New Micro Surfacing to Take Place Starting at The Armington Junction

Beginning on Monday, August 21st, microsurfacing will begin from Armington Junction on US 87, continuing on to Raynesford.

According to the Judith Basin County Sheriff's Office and the Judith Basin County DES department:

Next week, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) and VSS International Inc. will begin microsurfacing between Armington Junction and Raynesford along US Highway 87 (US 87). Microsurfacing is a sealing treatment where asphalt and crushed rock are placed on the pavement surface to extend the service life of the roadway.  Work will take place Monday through Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Traffic will be controlled by flaggers and traffic signals. Drivers should be prepared for delays of 10 to 15-minutes and expect pilot cars to guide them through the work zone.  MDT and VSS International Inc. will maintain traffic flow but rely on you to keep roadway crews safe.
Make sure you make extra time if you will be traveling through the area.  You can always find the latest in road construction affecting your travel plans by going to the Montana Department of Transportation website, located here.

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