Technology Goes Too Far with These Secret Cameras Available Online

Too much of a good thing can be, well, too much.  As difficult as it is to admit, too much golf for me can lead to bad things.  Too much of my favorite drink will cause bad things.  Your list is probably as long as mine is of things that I could get too much of.


Have we reached that point in some aspects of technology?  Is it becoming so sophisticated that it has become invasive in our lives?  It is everywhere we go, every day.  And now, it is invading our homes via common everyday items that we all use.

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Cameras, Always Recording Our Every Move Each Day

Sure, there are the normal cameras that are in our lives.  Whether that be someone taking a selfie that you might be in, or someone taking a picture of a home or business.  Most places we go have some sort of recording happening at any given time.

But these cameras are different.  These are amazingly tiny and can fit into the smallest of discreet places that you may never think a camera would be hidden.  It's a concern that I can't seem to get away from.  Especially for how easy they are to come by.

A Quick Check Of Amazon Will Make You Sweat A Little

An easy search at Amazon can result in several different options for cameras that can be hidden in plain sight, yet hard to detect.

Some of the common items that are easily purchasable include:

  • alarm clocks
  • USB chargers
  • smoke detectors
  • towel/coat hangers
  • car key fobs
  • pens

Kind of scary when you think about it.  They can be hidden anywhere.  Does it concern you when you are out?  What about staying at an unfamiliar place such as a friend's home or maybe a Bn'B or a hotel?  Let us know in our social media comments, through our app chat feature, or email me here.

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