This Exclusive Millionaire's Club in Montana is an EPA Nightmare

Over the last several years, the Big Sky Resort area near Bozeman, Montana has become home to some of the world's elite class of celebrities.  The likes of Tom Brady, Justin Timberlake and even Bill Gates all have vacation homes located in the area.  And as celebrities do, they require some special treatment and amenities.

Those very things are possibly leading to the demise of our river systems, even into the Missouri River.

The Green Algae Problems Continue to Grow, Not Just in Big Sky

Just this week, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality announced that there was a green algae bloom in the Missouri River in Great Falls, located at the popular Broadwater Bay access.

Is it possible that these blooms are coming from Big Sky?  Some environmental groups are pointing their collective fingers right at the millionaire's club.

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What Does an Exclusive Resort Have to Do with It?

It's actually pretty simple.  Tributaries to the Gallatin River run directly through the Big Sky Resort.  As it continues to expand, much of the algae problem has been created by nutrient pollution into the waterways.  While it occurs naturally, with the influx of people and the need of nice lawns, golf courses, foliage and even creating the snow all add to the problem.

While the pollution isn't drastic as of yet, there are concerns about the long-term effects on our waterways.  The other compounding problem?  Even though groups have designated the area as "impaired", the State of Montana continues to greenlight projects for the area.

How should we proceed in Big Sky?  Especially if it is going to start affecting other waterways across the state?  Hit us in the comments of our social media, talk to us through the app chat feature or email us here with your thoughts.

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