What store could possibly come back from the dead?

In Montana, especially in Great Falls we see a lot businesses come and go. Some we love ans wish we still had. Others, we have no problem saying goodbye.

There are plenty that have floated in and out of the Holiday Village Mall, one in particular that closed all of the sudden that we all still went and shopped.

It was reported last year that Bed, Bath, and Beyond were closing their doors all over the country including the store in Great Falls after it was open and serving the public for fifteen years. This happened after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

According to The Street, once a company goes bankrupt, they go under auction and it's intellectual is used by the purchasing company.

That's where the former Overstock.com company comes in.

According to The Street, The former overstock company plans to not only run with Bed, Bath and Beyond, but they are making themselves into the former store.

The Company's CEO Jonathan Johnson spoke with The Street:

On June 28, we acquired the Bed Bath & Beyond brand and IP, a brand ranked in the top five most recognizable home brands in the United States. Within hours of closing the deal, we revived the brand in Canada, and in just 33 days we launched the brand in the U.S. under our unique asset-light operational model.

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Where does that leave us in getting a new store in Montana?

He emphasized the term "Asset-light" as an operational model.

Which means digital model without brick and mortar stores. You can still shop Bed, Bath and Beyond but at this time, online-only.

No new stores are planned at this time.


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