Montana Garage/Yard Sales Are THE BEST

Summer means a lot of things in Montana, and one of the most fun things that happen all summer long are garage sales.  There's just something about rifling through people's stuff they don't want anymore and getting a wicked bargain.


What about having your own yard sale? It's a great way to clean out the clutter and get some extra cash for all of the fun summer activities around the Treasure State.

Garage Sale

Here are 5 Tips For A Great Yard Sale From WPDH

Spend A Little Cash Getting The Word Out

There are SO MANY yard sale groups and such on Facebook and other apps, that it's pretty dang easy to get lost in the shuffle on a Saturday morning.  For just a small amount of cash, you could boost your Facebook post and reach a lot more people.  There are also groups like and where you pay a fee to advertise your sale.  I'm not sure how effective they'd be considering I don't see a lot of local yard sales on either site.

Make A Bunch Of Signs Advertising Your Sale

Make big, easy to read signs that clearly state your address and hours.  If you use the "standard garage sale sign" that you can get at a lot of stores, it's easy to get lost in the sea of signs, and sometimes the areas on those signs to put your address is small, so folks would have to pull over to read it.

Garage Sale
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Focus On Selling In Bulk

I don't mean packaging things together.  Make the focus of your sale to have other people haul away the items you don't want anymore and give you money to do it.  In other words, if you have an air fryer that's worth $50, price it to sell.  You may not get exactly what you wanted for it, but: 1. It's gone and out of your life 2. Lower prices tend to get people to grab more stuff.  The whole point of the sale is to get rid of stuff and make a little money, right? If you hold out for the $50 instead of pricing it at say, $25, there may not be anyone else that wants it, so at the end of the day you still have an air fryer you don't use and NO extra money.


Don't Turn Down Honest Offers

This supports the "selling in bulk" attitude. Getting less money is still getting money and not having the unwanted item cluttering up your life.

Be Prepared To Start Early

There are many garage sale shoppers that like to be the first at a sale and get the very best buys.  This is a great way to make sure you sell a lot of things.  A tip for handling the early birds: Do NOT let them inside your home or garage.  Make them wait until you bring the items out. Most of these people are professional pickers. With just this one little rule, you could sell a good portion of your stuff before the sale even officially begins.

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