This morning, we said farewell to Pat Frisch, host of the 560 AM morning show.

Today was his last day on the air before starting his retirement.  It was a fun day.  Randy Bogden came in and did the show with him for his last day.  A bucket full of people who have grown to know and trust Pat also came in for a final farewell like Sheriff Slaughter, County Attorney Josh Racki, Susan Shannon from the fairgrounds and more.  Plus, he even got a call from an old boss, and was honored by a Montana congressman.

Tammie Toren
Tammie Toren

Pat came to KMON in late 2019 to take over the morning show.  He had just finished a long stint at KKOB in Albuquerque, New Mexico hosting a talk radio show.  During that time, he spent 14 years at number one in the market.  His station also won three Marconi Awards (a pretty big deal to us radio types), he was voted top programmer for Citadel Communications Corporation in 2002, and was elected into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

What's cool about Pat, even though he came from the city, his roots are in the country.  He grew up in a farm town about 50 miles out of Chicago.  He also worked in Lake Tahoe, Reno, Arizona and Vegas.

I found an interview Pat did on All Access in a section called 10 Questions With, something I read a lot.  I wanted to share one of Pat's answers with you.

All Access asked:  What's the most important lesson you've learned in your career?

From Pat:

I can do a hell of a lot more than I ever thought I had the ability to do. And when people instill confidence in you it brings out the best in you. And that's a credit to Brian Jennings and Milt McConnell. Last piece of advice is this... I have learned that as a PD you should do every job in the building that you oversee. That way you can relate to it in a different way.

I feel that's good advice for anyone who wants to manage at a radio station.

This morning, Pat was honored by Congressman Matt Rosendale.  Earlier this month, the congressman entered Pat and his accomplishments into the congressional record and awarded Pat with a plaque to commemorate the moment.

My person experience with Pat?  Hands-down, one of the most articulate broadcasters I've ever worked with.  Pat has an excellent delivery and cadence that puts you at ease when you listen, even if you disagree with him. He also does great commercials.  As a supervisor I can personally vouch that he is a guy that had our backs when it really mattered.

And that boy loves the show Seinfeld.  If you ever want to spend some time laughing with Pat, bring up your favorite Seinfeld episode and get ready for the "Hey-o!"

Pat, we will miss you and you are always welcome anytime.  Make the most out of every second of your retirement.  You've earned it!

Here's a peek at Pat's last day.

Pat Frish's Last Day on 560 KMON, Great Falls, Montana

Pat Frish's Last Day on 560 KMON, Great Falls, Montana

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