What's icicle death and should we be concerned?

It's that time of year again where things freeze over, melt, and freeze all over again and that means icicles of all sizes whether that be off of the car or a massive one off of your house or a building.


If you are like me, you go over and take a look at the thing and see if it's going to make a full connection to the ground or just kick it off. According to some statistics choosing the latter might be a bad Idea.

In Montana over the years, reports show that there have been some close calls with giant icicles falling doing damage or hurting someone. It was reported about six years ago that a giant icicle went through a ceiling and into a closet in a Butte home.

Where does that leave people dying from these giant icicles?

According to Go Green Travel Green, There are a small fration of people in the united states that succumb to falling ice and even more in Eurasia.

In the United States, about 15 people are killed by icicle-related accidents each year. Unfortunately, this number climbs to 100 in Russia. In 2001 alone, at least 74 Muscovites were struck by plummeting ice, one of which was an 18-year-old conscript. These numbers show how serious of a hazard ice is, warranting attention of citizens living in snow-yielding regions.

It's probably the best idea to avoid large chunks of ice protruding from building as much as you can, and alert people of imminent occurrences of plummeting ice so no one gets hurt. We can all have a safe winter.

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