It's With A Heavy Heart We Announce The Passing Of Pat Frisch

KMON-AM morning show host Pat Frisch passed away on June 26, 2024.  We wanted to tell you sooner, but I made the call to wait.  That is on me, Tammie Toren, and no one else, in case you are upset by this. I did it because:

  • Media from anywhere is easily accessible
  • Pat had loads of friends and family listening to KMON-AM's app, and we didn't want them to find out that way
Pat Frisch in KMON Am Studio Great Falls Montana
Randy Bogden

In 2019 KMON-AM Got A New Morning Show Host

Pat Frisch came to Montana in 2019 from New Mexico to fulfill a dream, to live in and work on the radio in Montana.

Pat teamed up with Randy Bogden, and did the morning show on 560 KMON AM for about 4 years. He did things differently than morning show hosts of the past, making the show his own.

Pat Was A Very Good Broadcaster

Pat had extensive experience on the air, and his delivery showed it.  He was smooth and personable and knew how to do a great interview.

Pat was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame.  Pat was honored by Congressman Matt Rosendale for his work on-air. He had the number one show in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 14 years when he was on talk station KKOB. Even when he was on the air here in Great Falls, his KKOB listeners streamed his show on KMON-AM.

Then Pat Joked About Going To A Colonoscopy Appointment

I'll never forget that meeting because Pat was joking and not at all worried.  I feel like that was in 2021.

The next week, there was nothing funny about it.  It turned out Pat had cancer and had to have surgery right away.

Pat and the Morning Show Team 560 KMON AM
Tammie Toren

(In the picture, Pat Frisch, Baker Bob McNamee, Randy Bogden)

Pat Was A Real Trooper

Pat took some time off work, but not that much, really.  He'd have shorter days the day after his chemo appointments as it really wore him out.  But, he never really missed a lot of work because of it.  Radio people are freaky that way.

Pat Announced His Retirement Early in 2023

Pat's last official day on 560 KMON was June 30, 2023.  Everyone was here for it from Randy Bogden to Sheriff Slaughter to Susan Shannon and old bosses calling in to wish him a happy retirement.  It was a neat show.

Pat Stayed In Montana For Treatment

Pat stayed in Great Falls because he was very happy with the treatment.  I'd reach out from time to time, and he was always very optimistic. The last time I talked to Pat was when I was in Chicago, and he was reminiscing while looking at the pictures I'd taken.  He even knew which place I ordered my deep dish pizza.

June 26, 2024 Pat Passed Away

Pat was with his sister, peaceful and comfortable at hospice when he passed away.

Learn about his early career and more that we couldn't cover here. Check Out The Story And Pictures From Pat's Last Day

Rest Easy, Pat on that radio ranch in the sky.

Here are some pictures from Pat's last day on the air:

Pat Frish's Last Day on 560 KMON, Great Falls, Montana

Pat Frish's Last Day on 560 KMON, Great Falls, Montana

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

Giant Springs State Park, Great Falls, Montana

Giant Springs State Park, Great Falls, Montana

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

Flathead Lake Alpine Coaster, Lakeside Montana 2024

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

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