I can't imagine this ever happening, but what if you got a call from you landlord saying that they are at your home about to look around at things?


It would almost seem illegal to things without notice first.

It certainly is.

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But, what if it was an emergency? Maybe somethings flooding, on fire or just something that needed direct attention. Maybe they feel something is an emergency.

Well, If it's a legit emergency, it's totally legal for them to enter your residence to resolve a pressing issue. According to montanalawhelp.org, There are certain rules that you and your landlord have to abide by.

For your landlord, that person has to give any person occupying a rented space 24 hours notice that they are coming over to fix something or to make needed inspection on their property.


In addition to all of that they also can only bring in other parties that are involved in a particular task they are there for such as repair or installation.

Another reason they can enter is abandonment.

If they have reason to believe that a person has abandoned the residence, and there is an emergency that needs to be attended to. They can also enter if a residence has been away for seven(7) days and entrance is needed. I'm sure some kind of notice is in line before this action happens.

When they give notice in the State of Montana, they must be dropping by at a reasonable time.

For the tenant, There must be a reasonable excuse to why they do not want a landlord to enter otherwise they have a right to there property.

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