What age would you say is too old to trick or treat?

When people were kids, the thought of trick or treating on Halloween night took up almost as much room in the brain for planning as Christmas would. There would talk amongst friend on what each person would dress up as and in some cases would coordinate with friends on a group costume

Personally, I never wanted to stop trick or treating when I was growing up, I loved the anticipation of a sack full of candy as well the social interaction of a group of buddies covering miles to get that sweet sweet bounty that would last with parental regulation until January.


From what I can remember, I lasted until about the seventh grade. Around 13. Then other things naturally took over. Thinking back, if I didn't naturally stop and loose interest, I would probably without success be trick or treating to this day.

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Age Matters When Trick or Treating.

What I didn't know is that there is an etiquette to it, or maybe was just in denial. Looking at articles like from The Pioneer Woman, it depends on the town and the kid.

The Pioneer Woman states the etiquette:

Should trick-or-treating be limited to little kids and tweens, or should teenagers still be permitted to take part in the fun? It's a tricky question that in most cases doesn't have a definitive answer. That said, there are some general guidelines and etiquette that can help parents make their final decision on the matter.

The Pioneer Woman says that there are two places in the United States that states it's illegal to trick or treat past a certain age.

Chesapeake, Virginia: 14 years old

Upper Deerfield Township, New Jersey; 12 years old


Although it's not illegal everywhere, trick or treating as an adult most likely wouldn't fly anywhere.

What age do you think is it appropriate for someone to move on from trick or treating? Let us know in social media.

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