People Bring Weird Things To Work In Montana

Radio stations are, as my dad would say, their own kind of cat when it comes to how people act, how people dress, and what they bring to work.

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What Was Brought To The Radio Station?

Crockpot cooking roast carrots and potatoes
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On Tuesday, I'm talking to JD, and Nick Northern comes in and says, "Who's cooking the roast in the break room?"


Sure as heck, when I made my way to the break room, someone had unplugged the microwave to plug in their Denver Broncos crock pot.  And yes, there was a roast in it.


This wasn't pot luck day. We've only had one pot luck day in my entire, nearly 40 year career in radio, and nobody brought a roast.


Isn't the main concept behind a crockpot to put food in there then forget about it for 4-10 or so hours? Why bring it to work?

And one more thing, I need you to know I am a slow cooker queen.  I can nearly guarantee that 2 meals a week, minimum, are prepared by me in a crockpot.  I just love them.

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This Made Me Think About Other Goofy Things Brought Into Work By Employees

At a radio station, we get a pretty good share of family members coming in to see the stations.  We get a lot of dogs (which is awesome), a co-worker in Billings said pet snake.  From time to time, Santa and his elves have stored Christmas presents at the station. One announcer at a rock station that used to be cool had a couple of changes of clothes, toiletries, food, pillows and blankets in his closet.

Dog and Santa's bag

What Weird Things Have Been Brought Into Your Job?

Hit me up here, I'd love to hear about it.

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