A Plastic Bottle Could Signal Danger In Montana

What danger could a plastic bottle do? Well, if its in your wheel well, it could mean all kinds of danger for you and your car.

Why Would There Be A Plastic Water Bottle In My Wheel Well?

This is another way to distract you so that someone can steal your car or the valuables in your car. So if your car isn't running, they'll grab your phone or purse.

If the water bottle is sitting like in this picture, you need to proceed with extreme caution.

water bottle in tire montana
YouTube//Andrea Jean Cleaning//Canva
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According to the Andrea Jean Cleaning YouTube Video, this is a ploy that's been going on where she lives.  It works like this:

  • Thieves stick a water bottle in one of your wheel wells, most likely the passenger side
  • You start to move the vehicle, hear the crunchy noise, and thieves hope that while your vehicle is running, you jump out to check what you crunched
  • They then jump into the running vehicle and drive off
  • If your vehicle isn't running, they grab purses, wallets, etc and run off
Car thief

What Should You Do If This Happens To You?

If you see a water bottle wedged into one of your wheel wells, call the police immediately.  Don't unlock your rig and get in to call for help.  Do it outside your vehicle.  Loudly.  Attention of that sort might get them to run away before anything shadier that sticking a water bottle into your wheel well even happens.

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