It may be hard to imagine people making $100,000 in Montana when so many jobs available come with a much lower salary. But even a six-figure salary in Montana won't carry you as far as you might think.

Regardless of low wages, the cost of living is high, and not just because of the cost of housing. Expenses like groceries and utilities are on the rise, too. Many Montanans are even having a hard time with childcare costs. Here's a look at how much childcare currently costs in our region.

Average Cost of Daycare in Montana & Surrounding States

If you think the cost is ridiculous in Montana, wait until you see how much it is in the surrounding states!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

With the price increases and arguably stagnant wages, it may not come as a surprise that even if your salary is above average it may not feel like it's going as far.

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The financial website GoBankingRates looked at salaries in every state and what the take-home pay would be after taxes when the salary was $100,000. Even for how tax-friendly Montana is, it's less so when it comes to income taxes.

Using their data, here are some states that have a higher take-home pay after taxes than Montana, for both single and married filers.


  • Single: $78,089
  • Married: $84,114


  • Single: $75,913
  • Married: $82,261


  • Single: $74,128
  • Married: $80,742


  • Single: 78,089
  • Married: 84114


  • Single: 72,573
  • Married: 79,664

New York

  • Single: 72,875
  • Married: 79,633

North Dakota

  • Single: 76,694
  • Married: 83,239


  • Single: $78,089
  • Married: $84,114

Even California has higher take-home pay for married filers.


  • Married: $81,157

Here is the take-home pay after takes for Montana:

  • Single: $72,236
  • Married: $78,587

Obviously, every state has different laws when it comes to taxes, but it does make you wonder about the way Montana's taxes are set up. Maybe we need a higher threshold for income taxes. Maybe we need a sales tax instead of an income tax. What do you think?

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