There has been a pretty large "breakout" per say of this bug throughout the U.S. lately, and considering we have an abundant amount of out of state visitors monthly, you just never know who, or what, could be tagging along. With cooler temperatures setting in, this bug loves fall especially.

Confirmed for the first time back in January 2021 in Billings, the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), Halyomorpha halys, was identified living in a downtown home, alive.

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Why is it called a "stink bug"?


When a stink bug wants to avoid predators, it will release a foul smelling chemical. They also have other not-so-delightful chemical scents they will release to attract other stink bugs. Once the little buggers have found themselves a cozy winter shelter, they will release more odors to gather/attract even more stink bugs.

The stink bug, as it is often referred to as, is originally from Asia and has made its way into the United States. Montana is actually the 47th state this nasty bug has established itself in. The stink bug is incredibly harmful to a handful of different things, luckily they are not harmful to humans.


What kinds of things can stink bugs harm?

Yards and gardens especially if they contain:

  • catalpa
  • sunflower
  • crab apple
  • apple
  • cherry
  • other Prunus species etc.


  • Corn is a favorite

Specialty Crops

  • Apples
  • Pears (Asian and European)
  • Grapes, peaches
  • Sweet corn
  • Peppers
  • Swiss chard
  • Tomatoes

What happens if you come across brown marmorated stink bug? 


If you happen to come across a stink bug, first remember to not panic, they have no interest in harming you, but there are proper protocols as to what you should do. With other "look-a-like" bugs roaming around, you want to make sure that what you are dealing with is the actual stink bug and not a master in disguise.

Once you catch the little stinker (whether in a jar or you if are able to snap a picture) send suspected specimens and/or detailed photos to your local extension agent or samples can be submitted to the Schutter Diagnostic Lab by following directions at

cc: charkoosta

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