Growing up in the 90's in Eastern Montana came with a lot of perks, and a lot of strange times. For me, I grew up with my father being one of the most well-known painters in the area... and my mother being one of the best card dealers in town.

And with growing up, I experienced a LOT of different things from both parents. But, one solid memory dating back to childhood revolves around this one bar. Located in Historic, downtown, Miles City, Montana.

The Bison Bar, Est 1900, For Sale

Funny enough, we just wrote about the most traumatic foods... and my traumatic food experience was AT The Bison Bar in Miles City. Check that out below.

But, past that, I have memories of this bar all throughout my childhood. Bucking Horse Sale rowdiness, local fundraisers with drink service from the Bison Bar... and many, MANY, events at the Eastern Montana Fairgrounds that were also handled by the Bison.

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Not to mention, The Bison Bar has been the backdrop for two memorable & viral Bucking Horse Sale moments over the years...

And who is the maestro behind the scenes? Well, that's Mickey Jo McFarland. But, just call her Mickey Jo. (Punky says hi, Mickey!) For anyone who has lived in or around Miles City, you KNOW that name as one you can trust to get it done... and get it done right.

And now, announced on this Memorial Day Weekend, the 124-year-old bar is officially for sale.

How Much?

Honestly, no details have been released yet on the property. But, judging by how much the (nearly) next-door Montana Bar is listed for, you can bet it'll be MILLIONS. You can ask just about ANY cowboy or cowgirl which bar they go to... and the Bison is near, or at, the top.

The Montana Bar is listed for just shy of $1 MILLION. But, that bar also comes with Tubb's Pub attached to the side. The Bison? Who knows what extras you may get with it.

But, you can rest assured... whoever ponies up the cash for the Bison Bar in Miles City has big shoes to try and fill.

Good luck... you'll need it.

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