There's a historic mansion in Helena that is so pretty, and incredibly ornate - and it's currently for sale. The architecture is stunning and the private home has been mostly renovated in recent years.

Hey, if you've got the bucks...this mansion does seem to have it all. It's huge. It's historic. It has an interesting story. It's updated. Not to mention it's located in one of Montana's most desirable cities. (If this was listed in Bozeman it might cost three times as much. Did we find a mansion bargain?)

As of this writing, this Montana mansion is listed for sale by Mary Hibbard with Helena Home Team. All specifics about the home itself came from the official listing on

  • PRICE: $2,200,000
  • KNOWN AS: John SM Neill Home
  • BATHROOMS: 3.5+
  • HOME SIZE: 6,602 square feet
  • LOT SIZE: 0.54 acre lot
  • ADDRESS: 725 Madison Ave, Helena, MT
  • PROPERTY TYPE: Single family
  • GARAGE: 2 Cars
  • YEAR BUILT: 1890
Mary Hibbard with Helena Home Team - Realtor
Mary Hibbard with Helena Home Team - Realtor

Taking note that this home was built in 1890, remember that Montana had only become a state in 1889. It's interesting to think of the history and Helena events this detailed house has lived through. It's just as old as Montana is...

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Mary Hibbard with Helena Home Team - Realtor
Mary Hibbard with Helena Home Team - Realtor

The original owner of the home had a fascinating story. His name was John SM Neill and came from a prominent family that was well traveled and later involved in American politics. This brief part of John's life comes from

"John graduated from Delaware College in 1881 and studied law at Columbian College in Washington, D.C. In 1883 he moved to Helena, Montana, where he became involved in real estate development.

As a reward for his active work in re-electing President Grover Cleveland in 1892, Neill was appointed Surveyor General of Montana in 1895. In 1898, he became treasurer and manager of the Helena Independent newspaper and five years later purchased the paper.


According to the official listing: "Around every corner, find hand-hewn, woodwork, coffered ceilings, intricate handles, hinges and beautifully laid hardwood floors. With 7 bedrooms plus additional sitting rooms, wine cellar, and an oriental bar-room, the home offers plenty of space..."

Mary Hibbard with Helena Home Team - Realtor
Mary Hibbard with Helena Home Team - Realtor

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