Hardly a day goes by when scammers aren't targeting individuals for various reasons.

Artificial Intelligence has only made these threats harder to detect and more realistic.

The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General warns Montana senior citizens to be aware of medicare scams targeting sensitive information. 

Medicare Scam Details

According to the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, scammers target sensitive information.

They offer individuals free services, medical equipment, or gift cards in exchange for Medicare numbers, enabling fraudulent activities.

Once your personal information is compromised, scammers can easily use this information to fuel other fraudulent schemes.

"If someone offers free medical equipment and asks for your Medicare number, it's a red flag. Hang up immediately," Said Renee Labrie-Shanks, Director of the Statewide Senior Medicare Patrol Program at Missoula Aging Services. 

Protecting Your Personal Information 

The Department of Health and Human Services Office suggests that medicare recipients scrutinize Summary Notices or Medicare Advantage Explanation of Benefits and look for anything that looks odd or out of place. 

"You're the frontline defense against fraud," Labrie-Shanks emphasizes. "Medicare processes millions of claims daily, but only you can spot discrepancies."

Medicare Information 

The Department of Health and Human Services Office says you should never share your Medicare number with anyone other than your provider's office.

Any unsolicited requests should raise suspicions. 

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