President Biden has fired his deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition after he reportedly stole luggage at two different airports.

35-year-old Sam Brinton was removed from his job at the Office of Nuclear Energy after he was caught on camera allegedly stealing  a woman's suitcase from the airport in Minneapolis.  He was also caught on video reportedly stealing another woman's luggage in Las Vegas.  The bag taken in Vegas had over $3,500 in jewelry inside.

At the Minneapolis airport he allegedly took a woman's Vera Bradley suitcase with around $2,325 worth the goods inside.  Brinton is charged with felony theft and faces five-years for the theft in Minneapolis and 10-years for the alleged heist in Las Vegas.


Last week several republicans called for his resignation ordering Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to remove Brinton immediately.  Other republican officials have called for an investigation into the hiring of Brinton by the Biden Administration.  Back in June when Brinton was hired he was hailed by the Department of Energy as a well known advocate for LGBTQ youth.

Brinton says he is bisexual. He is the son of Southern Baptist Missionaries and grew up in small town in Iowa.  Fox News is reporting that Brinton was also part of helping put together a model school policy that keeps parents in the dark about a child's gender change. Under the program, schools are told not to share a student's gender identity or seXual orIentation with a parent or guardian unless the student consents.  Brinton's school model, at least in part, is currently being used in Arizona, Idaho and Virginia.  Some local school districts in California, New Hampshire and Oregon are also using his model.

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