Apply by June 1st for Block Management.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is calling upon landowners interested in participating in the 2024 Block Management Program to submit their applications. The program facilitates collaboration between landowners and FWP to manage wildlife and public hunting activities on enrolled lands.

How Block Management Works

Under the Block Management Program, landowners and FWP voluntarily enter agreements governing hunting activities on the landowner's property. These agreements cover various aspects, including permission requirements, designated hunting times, provided hunting opportunities, and vehicle use regulations.

Benefits for Landowners

  • Assistance from FWP Staff: Landowners receive support from FWP staff members who help monitor hunting activities.
  • Compensation: Landowners receive compensation to offset the impacts associated with allowing public hunting on their property.
  • Wildlife Management: The program aids in wildlife management efforts, contributing to conservation goals.
  • Subscription to Montana Outdoors Magazine: Enrolled landowners enjoy a complimentary subscription to stay informed about outdoor activities and wildlife conservation.
  • Complimentary License: Enrolled landowners receive a complimentary, non-transferable sportsman or big game combination license for nonresidents.

Protection for Landowners

Landowners who enroll in the Block Management Program do not forfeit any rights. They are covered by Montana's recreational liability statute and are eligible for livestock loss reimbursement. These protections are extended to landowners who allow access to their lands at no charge.

How to Apply for Block Management

For those interested in learning more or obtaining an application packet, visit the FWP Block Management Program page. Additionally, you can reach out to your local biologist, warden, or FWP regional access manager. For general inquiries, contact the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Division’s main office at 406-444-3750 or email

Secure your spot in Montana's Block Management Program today and contribute to wildlife conservation efforts while enjoying the benefits of enrollment. Apply before the June 1st deadline!

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