Nissan recently announced that nearly 84,000 vehicles with model years between 2002 and 2006 are facing a major issue with their Takata air bags.

Nissan has warned against driving these model-year vehicles until the air bags have been fixed due to the potential for an explosion.

Massive Airbag Recall Prompts Safety Concerns
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urges vehicle owners to check their make and model and confirm that their vehicle does not fit into this category.

To date, NHTSA has confirmed that 27 people in the United States have been killed by a defective Takata airbag that exploded.

At least 400 people in the United States allegedly have been injured by exploding Takata bag inflators.

According to the NHTSA, even minor crashes can result in exploding Takata airbags that can kill or produce life-altering, gruesome injuries.

Takata Corp. Files For Bankruptcy
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Nissan Vehicles Risk Explosion

Impacted Models: 2002-2006  Sentra | 2002-2004 | Nissan Pathfinder

Recall information from the NHTSA 20V-008 and 20V-747.

If you do have a vehicle in this model, contact a dealership immediately so they can perform the warranty.

In select locations, Nissan and Infiniti offer free towing, mobile repair, and loaner vehicles.

Takata Corp. Files For Bankruptcy
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Nissan Recal Information

Customers can reach the automaker at 800-647-7261 or visit Nissan’s recall website.

Infiniti customers: 800-662-6200 or visit its website.

Takata information:  click here.

For more information from NHTSA on the Takata airbag safety recall, click here.

How to Check for Recalls

  • Use NHTSA’s Recalls Lookup Tool to search for any open safety recalls, including the urgent Takata recall, using your license plate number or vehicle identification number.
  • Download our SaferCar app and let it check automatically for you.
  • Call your automaker’s local dealer to schedule a free recall repair if your vehicle has a safety recall.
  • Sign up at to be notified by email if your vehicle is affected by a future recall.

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