Working from home became a necessity for many during the pandemic. Some offices shut entirely, while others remained open with minimal staff. I was working in television at the time of the pandemic, and at least for the on-air staff, our day-to-day life was relatively unchanged. 

Less Than Ideal Working Conditions

Unsurprisingly, no two work-from-home setups are the same. Some folks have an ideal setup, while others are stuck working from the kitchen table. But it turns out that Montana is just about the worst in the nation when it comes to working from home. 

Work From Home Study

WalletHub conducted a recent study that looked into the remote working conditions in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia. They looked at several factors, including the percentage of people working from their living rooms, the price of the internet, and how secure their work ly was. You can find the entire list of factors here

Remote Work In Montana

When I discovered the study, my first thought was that I bet folks in Montana had a tough time working from home because of all the recreational things that can be done here. I mean, it's not easy when you're looking out the window at mountains or a river, right? Haha. But it turns out other factors played into our rating. 

Source: WalletHub
  • Overall Rank: 50th
  • 26th – Share of Population Working from Home
  • 50th – Share of Potential Telecommuters
  • 47th – Households' Internet Access
  • 30th – Cybersecurity
  • 50th – Internet Cost

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