Are you into competitive rifle shooting? If yes- then the Triangle Rifle Club’s new season starts on December 1st, and you are invited to check them out. Here is what I learned about the club from their Facebook page: They are a local, Small Bore .22 caliber standard velocity, winter rifle league. They shoot indoor at 50 ft from December to April, on Thursday nights and currently have five teams and use four different ranges. The teams are:

  • Great Falls (Great Falls)
  • Missouri River (Great Falls)
  • Rocky Mountain (Fairfield)
  • Cascade (Cascade)
  • Castner Falls (Castner Falls)

All teams are always looking for new shooters. Everyone is welcome to come check it out and for those more adventurous, they have some extra equipment for those of you who would like to try it out.


Want to learn more- contact Boo LeVeque at 406-899-4979. The first and really only meeting is on December 1st at 7pm at the Missouri River shooting range, 30 Sportsman Trail, Great Falls, MT. Anyone can attend any of the weekly shoots to come ask questions or try it out. The season runs Dec- April and is usually 13 weeks long with two fun shoots. Cost is $4-5 to shoot. Bring your own ammo (.22 standard velocity) but there is usually ammo for sale for anyone who wants to try it out. You also need to bring your own competitive style .22 rifle.  If you are wa ti g to check it out, contact Boo beforehand so she can arrange to lend equipment. Your ordinary gopher guns generally will not work for this sport.


Shooting: 4 positions (prone, sitting, kneeling, standing) similar to NRA rules with a few exceptions. Indoor ranges at 50 feet. Shoot 4 targets total for a total of 40+ rounds. You can be assigned or choose a team that most conveniently fits your location or schedule and there is the ability to shoot ahead for nights you can’t make it.

Photo Credit Boo Leveque

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