What do you mean this isn't in your "swim lane"? Aren't you an admiral? Don't you work for the White House and the National Security Council?

Here's another question, why do they keep belittling White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre by bringing all of these other people to answer questions at the White House podium instead of her?

Did you see this back and forth between a reporter and Admiral (Ret.) John Kirby? For those of you who missed our coverage earlier this summer, Fox News confirmed that the Communist Chinese government has been purchasing land near sensitive US military installations- including a drone base in North Dakota, and near our nuclear missile silos here in Montana.

When asked about this by a White House correspondent, Kirby deflected and said it was "a little out of my swim lane."

If you missed our coverage back in August, Fox News was on the ground in Great Falls and Lewistown, Montana. Investigative reporter Sara Carter, who first broke the news, did a live report on Sean Hannity's show  featuring an interview with Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT).

Carter reports that the US Department of Commerce and the FBI are possibly investigating Chinese telecom firm Huawei technologies and the installation of equipment on nearby cell towers. Hannity reported Monday night that both entities "could neither confirm nor deny" if an investigation was underway.

Here's our initial report from back in July.

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