If you are looking for a baby name here in Montana This list below is for you.  And did your names make the list of the top 100?

First, lets talk about the girls names.

#5 NORA.  Nora is a name of Irish origin and it means Honor.  Another way it is spelled is Norah and it comes from the name Eleanora.  Perhaps the most famous Nora of the 20th century is singer Norah Jones.  There are also towns in Australia, Italy, Sweden, and the U.S named Nora.

#4 Harper.

#3 Evelyn

#2 Olivia

#1 Charlotte.  The Name Charlotte  is a name with both English and French origins and means Free.  It is the feminine form of Charles.  Nicknames are often Charlie or Charley.  Perhaps the most famous Charlotte right now is the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Now for the Boys Names.

#5 James.

#4 Wyatt.  The name Wyatt comes from English origin and means Son of Guy.  Common nicknames are Wye and "W".  Perhaps the most famous Wyatt is Wyatt Earp,  the lawman out of the Old West.

#3 William

#2 Henry

#1 Oliver.  Oliver is of English origin and means Descendant of the Ancestor.  It has nothing to do with olive trees.  The most common nickname is Ollie. Perhaps the most famous Oliver is movie director Oliver Stone or Oliver North.

Below is a complete list of the top 100 Montana names and it comes from the popular site BabyNames.com




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