I have been fortunate to share the company of dogs my entire life. Big dogs, little dogs, various breeds and genders.  Those of you that have owned dogs know that each dog has a personality unique to them.  Some dogs are very smart and can be utilized as a worker or aide and others are simply a companion.  Some dogs are “dumb as a box of rocks” yet still make great pets.

I currently have two dogs, both rescue dogs.  The first dog is Juliette, a wire haired terrier (or so I was told) that I got from the city of Great Falls animal shelter about 2 years ago.  The second dog, Maye, is a coon hound that I got from a friend that needed to re-home her. She originally came from the McLean Animal Shelter here in Great Falls.  I have had her about 5 months. Both dogs get along great and enjoy many things in life.

Randy's dogs

Occasionally the dogs remind me when I leave something out that I shouldn’t.  They will typically take said item and place it on the floor in a manner that says “Look what I found, hehe.” The damage has always been minimal as I am amazed at the tenderness of Maye.  Juliette can be a bit more destructive, but since Maye moved in she has not destroyed anything.

The cover photo is what I came home to late last week.  Not only did they say “Look what I found,” but they also took their time to try and figure out what the inside of the former couch pillow was filled with.  We did have a conversation and neither Maye nor Juliette was completely sure what happened.  They did not blame each other but did offer suggestions of any outside threat.  One of the dogs even offered that the pillow may have said something and had it coming.  I can’t confirm that any of this is true (other than the shredded pillow), but have since relocated ALL couch pillows in the living room.

It is okay though, I never really liked that pillow anyway!  What have you had destroyed by your animals?  Send me an email at randall.bogden@townsquaremedia.com or leave a message on our KMON Facebook page.  Pictures are welcome!

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