Season 5 Of Yellowstone Will Resume Filming In Montana

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Love it or hate it, the incredibly popular TV show Yellowstone will begin filming again in Montana to wrap up season five.

It's no secret that this TV show has drawn considerable attention to the state of Montana, both good and bad.

Positives Of The Yellowstone TV Show

  • Increased Tourism
  • Substantial Tourism Revenue
  • Teach people not to mess with Montanans haha

Negatives Of The Yellowstone TV Show

  • Moving here to live like they do in Yellowstone
  • Believing that's how Montana really is
  • Driving up the cost-of-living

Yellowstone TV Show Filming

According to the Hollywood reporter, season five of Yellowstone has resumed filming in Montana.

Evidently, it is still unknown whether Kevin Costner will appear in the final few episodes of the show, which will actually play for the rest of the season.

It was well reported that Kevin Costner and the Yellowstone franchise had issues, so it's anybody's guess as to how the rest of the season will play out.

Season 5 Of Yellowstone

According to Paramount, they decided to break up the season into two parts.

This was due primarily to the fact that the show writers, Taylor, Sheridan, and Kevin Costner, seem to be having issues with everything from contracts to scheduling.

It is also unknown what characters will remain for the last few episodes.

According to reports, it's also uncertain how many episodes season five will actually consist of.

Hopefully, soon, we will all know how Jamie and Beth Dutton's multi year fight turns out.

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