560 KMON has obtained a charging document that  spells out details of yesterday's shooting in Great Falls.  The 14-year-old charged in the case is identified as Ryan Brown.  Police believe he is the one that shot a 15-year-old boy yesterday along Valeria Way.  The boy shot suffered a single gunshot wound to the abdomen that tore through his lower intestine and colon.  In the charging document it only identifies the victim as K.S.

The report details the police investigation and how one witness, described to police seeing one male flee the seen after the shooting.  She said the male was wearing a black hoodie and black jogger style pants which were tight around the ankles.  When police secured a search warrant of Brown's home they noticed that he was still wearing the clothes that the witness described.

Police also learned that Brown had told a friend that he had really messed up and he was going to go away for a long time.  Brown was taken downtown to police headquarters for questioning and apon reading him his rights, Brown's parents refused to provide a statement without an attorney present.

In the report police say they questioned brown's girlfriend, Mya Duarte who told police that she had talked to Brown earlier in the day and that he admitted shooting K.S. Brown also admitted that he had stashed the firearm behind a business located just off tenth Avenue South.  Police went to that location and found a SARS Arms 9mm which is reportedly the weapon used by Brown.

Brown has been charged with felony assault.  All we know now is the two involved had been in some kind of dispute.  The victim K.S. is reported to be in stable condition.

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