We try to keep you updated on some of the bills that are being proposed as Montana debates new laws and changes to current laws in the current session of the legislature. We have written about proposed bills that tackle topics like, drag shows, school libraries, and science theories in Montana.

There Are Over 1400 Bills In Montana

In this session of the Montana legislature, there are over 1400 bills being introduced. There is a website that can help you track all of these bills that are being consider during the current legislative session. The website is called Legiscan, and it can help you track all the bills introduced in Montana. The company has been around since 2013. I spoke with the manager of Legiscan, Sean Bolt about the website and their data This is what he had to say:

We are a nationally legislative tracking service and data service. We deal with all fifty states, D.C. council  and Congress.

A Way To Keep Track Of All The Montana Bills

They offer a subscription service if you want the information sent to you directly, but if you want to use their website it is free. Sean, continued:

We offer free public services. All of our data is publicly available. We make weekly data sets of all session data, all bill and roll call data.

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Data, Not Politics

Legiscan is non-partisan. Sean was clear on that point:

We're really a data service provider. We just happen to work in legislative data. Again we provide all of our data for free. You can browse the website, you can download our data.. and see how people vote.

If You Want More, They Offer A Subscription Service For A Price

They are an LLC and are a for profit company. Sean explained how that works:

We are a for profit, LLC. If you need a daily alert, or additional abilities to imbed reports, and maps and third party websites, that's where the subscription services come in.

If You Have Questions You Can Talk To A Person

If you want to track what is happening with the bills in Montana or in other states, you can use their website for free. If you have any questions, you can also call them at 1-800-618-2750 and speak to a person. I was able to do just that. This is an opportunity for everyone to keep track of the bills being proposed, because they do affect us all.

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