This story shocked me when I was able to obtain the charging documents this morning.  It is just horrifying what this mother allegedly did to her son and the interesting thing about it all,  she  calmly told police all the details.

20 year old Whisper Hawkbear has been charged with deliberate homicide for the killing of her two month old son,  Ezekiel and the injuring of her two year old daughter Nakayla.

Hawkbear- Cascade County Mugshot.
Hawkbear- Cascade County Mugshot.


Great Falls Police say the murder occurred at an apartment in the 2200 block of 23rd Avenue South.  When police arrived Whisper handed the two month infant to police who immediately performed CPR.  There was blood coming from his face.  While police were conducting CPR and according to the charging document, Whisper said the following," I just beat him up for like five seconds, he's dead, isn't he?"

The infant was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour later around 5:15am Friday morning.  Police then discovered there was a second child in a bedroom that was crying.  Medics say her nose was nearly cut off, she had a burn on her left leg and a possible head injury.

In the bedroom, police said there was blood on the carpet, a broken mirror and blood on the bed.  They also found drug paraphernalia.

During an interview with police she calmly told them that she was trying to get some sleep and the kids kept crying.  So, she  took the infant son and threw him against the wall, then hit him with a playpen before stomping on his head.    When it comes to the two year old daughter,  whisper says she slammed her face into a mirror many times.  She says the kids stopped crying and she was able to then get some rest.  She woke up two hours later and called 911 around 4:15am Friday.    Right now her bond has been set at $25,000 but the state has requested a $500,000 bond.

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