*****Warning,  some graphic language*****

A disgusting story to tell you about today.  James Klingerman, 52, of Great Falls is facing two counts of criminal sexual conduct involving his younger sister.  The victim,  came forward to police in 2021 at the age of 48 and told police she was raped  by her older brother,  james,  "hundreds of times" over a four year period dating back to when she was eight.  She told Minnesota police the assaults stopped when she turned 12.  She says all the assaults occurred at the family home in Bloomington, Minnesota and that often it would happen three or four times a week.

James Klingerman mug shot
James Klingerman mug shot from Montana prison system.

James Klingerman

Picture of James Klingerman charged with sexually assaulting sister nearly 40-years ago.

Below is a quote from a police probable cause statement where the accused,  James, does not deny any of what his sister said.

Complainant conducted an interview with the defendant. The defendant admitted that he sexually abused Victim for years; engaging in both oral and vaginal penetration of Victim. The defendant acknowledged that he sexually abused her hundreds of times over a period of years. 

And the story gets worse.  The sister says at least two friends of her brother also joined in several times in assaulting her and she got pregnant.  Here is how she described the situation to police.

Victim reported that at some point during the years of abuse, she became pregnant. Victim reported that the defendant and his two friends found out and assaulted her in such a way in order to force an abortion. Victim described the assault in details, including instrumentalities used and the way the defendant and his friends disposed of the fetus.

And to top it all off,  James Klingerman was also found guilty of incest here in Great Falls.  He was given a suspended sentenced a year ago.  This case involved his stepdaughter.   This sentencing was also handed down before the details of the Minnesota  case came to light.

A lot of you may be asking, what about statute of limitations?  The way it was described to me is that, under Minnesota law,  the statute of limitations does not run out if the suspect has left the state, which James did in 1989 when he joined the Air Force.  The statute of limitations did run out on the two other friends that reportedly were involved in assaulting the woman.

No word on why the victim took all these years to come forward.  Klingerman is due in court this week here in Great falls.  His bond has been set at a half-million dollars.  He was arrested December 30th.  He faces as much as 40-years in the Minnesota case.


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