If you made it to the first night of Downtown Summer Jam in Great Falls, you already know there was quite a cloud burst!

Fortunately, the rain eventually stopped, and the concert went as planned.

Downtown Summer Jam Rain June 19th, 2024
Sam Allison

But during the rainstorm, a few folks from the Newberry and a good samaritan from the crowd went above and beyond the call of duty to help some folks in need.

Lending a Helping Hand

Needless to say, when the rain started, many folks scattered.

Some went to the beer garden, where the opening at Jeremy McComb continued to play music, and others went to downtown businesses hoping to stay dry.

Jeremy McComb Great Falls Downtown Summer Jam
Jason Laird

However, an older couple that had a little more trouble getting around couldn't dodge the rain.

A few moments later, I noticed Lane McAlpine with the Newberry grabbing one of the large speaker covers and running toward the couple.

Lane McAlpine with the Newberry
Jason Laird
Lane McAlpine Newberry
Jason Laird

He began covering the people with the tarp to help keep them dry since they couldn't escape the rain.

Not two seconds later, another Newberry employee and gentleman from the crowd ran over to help.

Great Falls Concert Goer Goes Above And Beyond

Here's where things get even more unbelievable.

The good Samaritan, from the crowd, stood in the pouring rain and held the tarp for the elderly couple.

Good Samaritan, Great Falls, Montana
Sam Allison

As you can imagine, this guy was absolutely soaked!

If this story doesn't restore a little hope in humanity, I don't know what will.

I truly hope this story touched you as much as it did me.

Good Samaritan lending a helping hand in Great Falls, Montana

Good Samaritan helping out at the 2024 Downtown Summer Jam in Great Falls, Montana.

Gallery Credit: Jason Laird, Sam Allison

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