Before all the thank yous come in this open letter I want to give you some background on what happened to me.  And it was like yesterday.  On June 2, 2021 I went in for a routine colonoscopy and they found cancer in my colon.  It was the size of an egg but only have of it was cancerous.  That set into motion all the things come. I then had surgery to remove ten inches of my colon at Benefis on July 6th.  The doc then put my colon back together. During the surgery the doctor found some pieces of cancer outside the colon,  I was diagnosed as stage four.

Below is a shot of my stomach the day after surgery.  43 staples.

Stomach after cancer surgery
Photo by Pat Frisch

My stomach after colon cancer surgery.

This is my stomach scar 24 hours after colon cancer surgery.

I was home two days after the surgery and on August 8th I began chemo at Sletten Cancer Institute.  Six months in all at the rate of every other week.  Trust me,  chemo is not fun.  I was on two chemos with the last treatment coming on January 4th, 2023.  Today I am happy to say that I am cancer free.  Incredible to be able to say that.

So here we go with the thank yous.

Doctor Thomas Attaway thank you for finding the cancer and setting everything in motion to recovery.  I was awake during the colonoscopy and actually saw my cancer up close and personal.

Doctor Chad Engan thank you.  You were a great surgeon with a great sense of humor.  And all you kept saying was, "we are going to get you through this. "

Doctor Bryan Martin thank you. You were a great oncologist that took me through chemo always listening to what I was going through and adjusting as needed.

Doc Martin- Pat Frisch
Photo by Pat Frisch

Dr Martin

Doc Martin- Pat Frisch

And I can NOT forget all the nurses, thank you. Thank you to the nurses on the cancer floor at Benefis hospital and all the wonderful nurses at Sletten.  You are all amazing.

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